Our Team

MODELSCOTLAND has over 10 years experience within the management team ranging from the media industry, beauty pageants, print and modelling. Our dedicated team range from individuals who have modelling experience all the way through to those who have launched and run their own fashion magazines, websites & TV shows. 


Affiliated with 3 other Modeling Agencies based in London, France and America, this allows us to provide invaluable expertise, coaching and development to our current models but also free support and advice to any one who needs help with the modelling industry overall.

Our Services

Here at MODELSCOTLAND we are known for breaking the norm! We provide a number of services available to new and existing clients as well as models -

For Models

For those of you who are currently active in the modelling industry and seek our agency representation, we are not only here to actively put you forward for relevant castings and auditions but help maximise your strengths and offer free coaching to maximise your work potential.

For new aspiring models it can be hard to identify whether modelling is the right move forward for you, whether you have basic potential to be the “Next Big Thing” and what type of modelling industry you would be best suited to. That’s where we can help, not only will we showcase what to expect from the industry, both its pro’s and con’s but if we feel you have the right look and attitude for our agency we are here to help you identify and maximise your raw potential.

MODELSCOTLAND offers the following services to our current and new models:

Tailored Advice

It can be very confusing when you are given advice from different avenues which can come across to be conflicting. For aspiring models you may receive advice from family and friends, current models or select industry experts. However depending on what sector of the modelling industry they specialize in their advice may not be relevant to you. Therefore, our team of dedicated expert Model Consultants are here to make sure any advice given is not only current but relevant to each individual model on our books.

Free Support

Whether you are an existing model signed to our agency or your considering entering the modelling industry our expert model consultants are here to provide free support as and when its needed. Although we feel modelling is a great industry to pursue, especially for all you fashionista’s out there, as its unregulated unfortunately there are a number of companies who may appear as if they are here to either help guide and support you in the modelling industry or find you paid work, however their intentions are usually far from sincere. Our main priority is to make sure we can help educate our current, new and potentially future models in being safe and alert to the potential pitfalls in this industry.

Coaching & Development

Whether you are a new face or a current model the industry, fashion trends are forever changing. In return this can have affect on requirements of a model, ranging from minimum sizes for certain industries decreasing or increasing, to imperfections becoming perfections and sought after by industry clients alike. To make sure all our models are up to date with any current and future forecasted trends and changes to the industry we are here to help develop where required. Any potential weaknesses will be trained and worked on and strengths enhanced. This results in all our models providing a professional high standard of work for all our clientele.

Assistance in Securing Paid Work

For new face models we can help aid in the production of their portfolio, ensuring it showcases you to the best of your ability displaying bags of variety and versatility with a very high finishing. With currently active models looking for our agency representation we will sort through your current portfolio making sure only the images that truly excel in representing you in a positive light are showcased with the appropriate finishing’s.

Our dedicated team of model bookers are here to liaise regularly with new and existing client’s and actively put the relevant models forward for castings, auditions and where applicable secure shoots outright.

 For Clients

Professional Models

All our models are briefed before attending any casting/audition or shoot, providing a high standard of professionalism.

Stunning Selection

We represent a large selection of models from different ethnic backgrounds and age groups. This is extremely beneficial when certain shoots arise where a number of models are needed with different age groups as they can all be sourced from our extensive database.

In House Make Up Artists & Photographers

We pride ourselves on using only the best and experienced team of makeup artists and photographers. Their standard of work is of exceptional quality and we are happy to offer their services for shoots our models have secured.